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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Timetables and Exams

The timetable for the second-year students.

All classes are held at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Reymonta 4 street, except where noted.

All classes during the Academic Year 2020/2021 are being held online due to ongoing pandemic.


The exams in the Examination Periods are available via Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora's website.

TransAtlantic Studies exam dates are available here.

All students are required to bring their Student ID card or passport to the examination venue.

Electives Outside TAS

If you're interested in taking an elective course outside TransAtlantic Studies program, you can do so, by choosing one of those listed below. You can choose a maximum of 2 courses outside TAS during the whole 4-sester program. Before deciding on an elective course outside TAS, please, contact TAS Office in order to confirm the elective module of the class.