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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Teaching Methods


Each course will comprise a series of lectures. These lectures, although important, are not considered compulsory. Lectures are intended to provide students with an overview of a particular subject-area, its related theories, concepts, issues and debates, and to introduce the most important academic literature. Lectures also disclose the individual styles and approaches of different teachers. The role of the lecturer is to clarify and stimulate ideas not easily garnered from a textbook. Yet lectures obviously cannot provide the detail provided in the readings required for each course. The graduate student will be expected to read the course literature and be able to discuss the issues in and outside seminars. The written work of the students will thus be expected to extend beyond classroom lectures.


The lectures will be complimented by a number of more intimate seminars. These seminars will be more limited in size than the lectures and thus provide an opportunity for students to give presentations and discuss issues raised in the academic literature. Attendance at these seminars is considered compulsory.


Your supervisor will keep up an overview of your progress. He or she will also offer initial advice on how best to approach the requirement of the MA thesis.

Guest lectures, seminars and workshops

In addition to the curriculum courses students will participate in guest lectures, seminars and workshops run by guest scholars.