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TransAtlantic Studies Program Closing

We sadly inform that the TransAtlantic Studies program will be closed effective September 30, 2023.

We would like to thank very much everyone whose actions made TAS operating for 15+ years. Special thanks go to the program founders, coordinators, and administrative officers that allowed the program to run smoothly, flourish and develop over the years; Let us also thank the faculty who contributed their time and energy to provide high quality education that allowed to award master’s degree in TransAtlantic Studies to several hundred TAS graduates. But the biggest words of gratitude go to all the TAS students, current and former. It was you with your academic attitude and curiosity who helped initiate fantastic discussions and challenge existing conventional wisdoms. You might not have noticed, but you actually taught all of your fellow students and faculty how to look on various issues from  a multitude of perspectives. All of that made our program only better and we are very much grateful for that. 

Finally, we hope you all also had a very good time at TAS. And that you will keep all these memories of TAS family with you for a long time, wherever you are and whatever you do. 


Maciej Turek
TransAtlantic Studies Program Coordinator