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JU's Decision Regarding Coronavirus

Decision of the Rector's College of the Jagiellonian University on the Threat of Coronavirus

We are sharing with you the important information about the decision of Rector's College of the Jagiellonian University on the threat of coronavirus. The information was originally shared via Jagiellonian University's website news. It reads as follows:

The College of Rectors of the Jagiellonian University decided to immediately suspend all journeys and arrivals of students, doctoral students and employees to/from China and Hong Kong, South Korea, northern Italy (in particular the region of Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Lazio), Iran, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. The decision is valid from February 25, 2020. until further notice.

The decision was made due to the statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the World Health Organization (WHO) issued on February 24, 2020, regarding the announcement of a state of threat to public health of international significance (available at -Public-international-pheic), which refers to the epidemiological threat of coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

If the employees, graduate or undergraduate students of the Jagiellonian University staying in the abovementioned countries decide to shorten their stay and express their desire to return to the Jagiellonian University, please contact the Jagiellonian University International Cooperation Department ( They will be given all possible assistance related to returning to Poland.

Due to the fact that the situation is very dynamic, and the global sanitary services emphasize that it is difficult to predict the directions of the virus's spread, the Jagiellonian University Rector's College encourages to monitor current reports on the 2019-nCoV virus before making decisions about foreign trips.