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The International Students’ Conference on Cultural Studies

November 7-8, 2019

A truly transnational area, cultural studies has permanently expanded and brought together more and more students of this exciting field. Covering a relatively short period of time, of approximately 70 years, it has constantly developed and diversified, being a way of understanding the world we live in and its culture. It combines methods and practices from a variety of disciplines, from which it has drawn on but also contributed to. 
During (2005) defines cultural studies as the engaged analysis of contemporary cultures, engaged having a dual meaning – the position the discipline takes in relation to the socially disadvantaged groups and secondly, the celebration of the multitude and richness of cultural experiences.  Very popular worldwide, cultural studies has taken different approaches in different countries.  Nevertheless it has general features: it aims to understand culture in its emerging and complex context, it provides a social and political perspective on culture, it is committed to a line of political action (Sardar, 1994). 
In the USA cultural analysis was a well-established topic before the setting up of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in the UK and cultural studies has proved to be successful in areas of communication, education, sociology and literature. Today’s topics of special importance cover gender, race and class, studied in terms of powerlessness and domination, multiculture-minority and hybridity, postcolonial critique. 
Cultural studies has become a framework for the analysis of cultural, social, and economic issues. Its object of study is cultural texts, that is meaningful artifacts of culture, covering written texts, language, films, fashion, etc. 
Contemporary culture is characterized by high mobility and this also means that its teachers and students play a major part in making the connections between a variety of regions, events and cultural areas, thus contributing to its strengthening and advancement. 
The 3rd edition of the International Student’s Conference on Cultural Studies aims to bring together American Studies students – undergraduate and MA programs - from Romanian and foreign universities.
15 minute presentations in English are invited on the following areas – cultural studies, history, politics, literature, and arts.

Submission guidelines
Please submit a 200 word- abstract that includes the paper title, the author’s name and the academic coordinator’s name , and your contact information (name, phone-number and email address).
Please send your submission by October, 25, 2019 to one of the following two email addresses: or

The deadline for registration is October 25 2019.

Administrative information
The Faculty of Letters of Transilvania University of Brasov provides free accommodation (November 7 and 8) and lunch for 2 participants from each University.  
For further information please contact the organizing team- Dr. Gabriela Chefneux (e-mail or Dr. Cristian Pralea (
We look forward to seeing you in Braşov! 


The Institute covers travel expenses. Those interested are asked to contact prof. Łukasz Kamieński