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MA Thesis

Candidates for the MA in TranAtlantic Studies will be required to write an essay on a topic within the field of study approved by their supervisor. They must also successfully pass the MA Examination and Defense. The MA Examination and Defense will take place at the same time.  

Diplomas of the Jagiellonian University are marked with the student's final grade for the whole degree. The grade is made up of:

  • 50% Coursework and MA Examination
  • 50% Thesis and Defense

Students should have a rough idea of what they want to write about in the second semester of their studies. This will permit them to discuss the feasibility of the topic with their supervisors (e.g. is it feasible to write on that subject within the limitations of 20,000 words). Although the choice of topic is entirely up to students, it is important that it relates to some issue pertaining to "transatlantic" issues.


Before the final MA Examination and Defence, students also have to complete and submit several documents to the Secretary's Office.

Please see the following short instruction.

You'll find the instruction to the AP platform here.


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