TAS211 Transatlantic Security

Teacher responsible:

Dr. Wojciech Michnik

Brief course description:

The course introduces students to the study of contemporary security environment focusing on the strategic relations between United States and European  countries associated in European Union or North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It seeks to provide students with basic tools of analyzing and understanding current strategic threats and challenges that Euro-Atlantic partners face.


The course will conclude with project that devises three different strategies for NATO's future.


1. Introduction.
2.What is international security.
3. United States and Europe.
4. Transatlantic security after 9/11.
5. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Transatlantic Security.
6. International Terrorism.
7. Transatlantic Security and Rival Superpowers.
8. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
9. Poland and its role in Transatlantic Security.
10. NATO's history overview: from Cold War to Kosovo.
11. NATO after September 11.
12. NATO's future I.
13. NATO's future II.
14. NATO's future III.
15. Transatlantic Security-challenges ahead.

Reading list:

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