TAS209 Political and Legal System of Poland

Teacher responsible:

Dr. Łukasz Wordliczek

Brief course description:

This course will examine some basic ideas concerning Polish political and legal system of government. Each lecture is divided into two parts: the first is the introduction to the main topic whereas during the second part the discussion on that topic is expected (any comparative-like approach will be welcomed). The below-presented schedule is only a proposition to be modified according to students' suggestions.


Students will be expected to analyze Polish political and legal system of government. Furthermore, they will be expected to present their knowledge of the subject in an essay and an exam at the end of the course.


1. Introduction (history, basic factual information etc.).
2. Polish constitutions and constitutional system of government.
3. The President.
4. Parliament (the Sejm).
5. Judiciary branch and legal system.
6. Political parties and elections.
7. Polish foreign policy: Pattern and process.
8. Polish foreign policy: In Europe, with the United States?
9. Poland, Europe and the United States: Between Conflict and Collaboration
10. Social policy – social security, educational and health systems.
11. Polish way of system transformation.
12. Civil liberties – separation of church and state, civil rights, minorities' rights, and institutional protection.

Reading list:

M. H. Bernhard, The origins of Democratization in Poland. Workers, Intellectuals, and Oppositional Politics, 1976-1980; Justyna Miklaszewska (ed.), Democracy in Central Europe, 1989-1999; Władysław Adamski (ed.), Societal Conflict and Systemic Change. The Case of Poland 1980-1992; Władysław Adamski, Edmund Wnuk-Lipiński (eds.), Poland in the 1980s: Reassessment of Crises and Conflicts; I. Banac (ed.), Eastern Europe in Revolution; Charles G. A. Bryant, Edmund Mokrzycki (eds.), The New Great Transformation? Change and Continuity in East-Central Europe; Jerzy Hausner, Mirosława Marody (eds.), The Quality of Governance: Poland Closer to the European Union?; M. Jarosz (ed.), Employee-Owned Companies in Poland; Paweł Sarnecki, Andrzej Szmyt, Zbigniew Witkowski (eds.), The Principles of Basic Institutions of the System of Government in Poland.