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Health & Insurance

Students from EU Nations

Students from EU member states are advised to be insured in their home countries and bring a European form (e.g. E-111 or E-128) which entitles them to the same treatment as Polish nationals.

On the basis of the E-111 form students from the EU countries are entitled to full medical care in Poland (except for dental treatment). The E-111 should be collected in two copies before your departure to Poland at the local insurance office. After arrival, you should register yourself in the National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) in Kraków. Medical insurance provided by the E-111 form does not cover accidents. Therefore, incoming students should get additional insurance.

Students from Outside EU

Non-EU students are advised to purchase a health insurance policy in their own countries before arrival in Poland.

It is also possible to purchase:

  • Polish private health insurance
    • Apart from the public medical care system, there is also a well-developed private sector offering individual medical insurance (e.g.: PZU, WartaHestia, and others).
  • Additional insurance against unfortunate accidents on the territory of the Jagiellonian University is available for all students, valid for the academic year. It costs appx. 40 PLN (10 euro) per academic year and may be purchased in the Jagiellonian University's Students Society office.

Recommended Insurance Plan

We recommend that students have all of the following:

  1. Valid medical insurance from their home country that will cover long-term hospital stays,
  2. Local Polish health coverage
  3. Jagiellonian University accident and life insurance.