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Monthly Newsletter

February 2020

Dear Students,

the exam session is almost over and the next semester is starting in a little over two weeks! So, it's time for a new batch of important information regarding TransAtlantic Studies program, especially those concerning tuition and MA Seminars.



I wanted to remind all of you that you are obligated to pay the tuition for the Summer Semester 2019/2020 in the coming weeks. The deadline for the first-year students is February 15th, and the deadline for the second-year students is February 22nd. Please, let me know if you want me to send you information regarding the amount of money, account number or any other details. Also, I wanted to stress that the transfer in EURO is highly preferable.


MA Seminars for the First-Year Students

This Summer Semester is when the first-year students are starting their preparation to write their MA thesis by attending MA Seminars, coordinated by your thesis supervisor. You will be able to choose your supervisor: prof. Vaughan or prof. Robson. Each of them will accept 6 or 7 students to be supervised.

You can register for their seminars by directly contacting the professors. Usually, the selection is based on your interests and the preliminary topic of your thesis. After the professors complete a list of names of students who chose their seminars, they will send them to TAS Office and you will be registered to the seminars in the system.

The deadline for choosing your seminar is February 20th, but there is a possibility to change the seminar until March 6th. However, please, contact your prefered professor as soon as possible, so they would have time to help you make this decision. In case of any questions, please send me an email or contact the professor, who you'd like to choose as your supervisor.

The second-year students were already registered to MA Seminar supervised by prof. Robson.


Elective Classes

Just like last semester, you are obliged to choose elective classes, so that you could acquire a minimum of 60 ECTS in total for the first-year students, and a minimum of 120 ECTS points in total for the second-year students. This usually means that you have to choose 2 elective classes each semester, but if you have chosen more in previous semesters, you can register to less. Also, remember that during your program you have to register to a proper amount of electives in given modules (K/P for first-year students, OH/OSS for second-year students).

This semester, our Institute offers three elective classes to choose from:

  • Transatlantic Security, dr Wojciech Michnik, lectures, P/OSS module
  • Globalisation of "Black" American Expressive Culture, prof. Garry Robson, lectures, K/OH module
  • History of the 1980s, prof. Patrick Vaughan, seminars, P/OSS module

As TAS team, we would especially like to encourage you to register to Transatlantic Security class by dr Michnik, who is a renown scholar, specializing in the field of transatlantic relations and security studies, whose career highlights include such positions as Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, NY, lecturer at the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE, or Eisenhower Research Fellow at NATO Defense College, Rome, Italy.

To register to an elective class, send an email to TAS Office ( no later than February 23rd. You will be registered for the given classes on February 24th.


Elective Classes Outside TAS

During your studies, you can also register for an optional course outside the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora. You can find the full list of such courses in the attached file along with the instructions on how to enroll in those. Keep in mind that the TAS Office does not register students to the classes outside TAS - it is done by the office in charge of a given program offering the course. After deciding to register for a given course, please contact their offices as soon as possible. Also, remember that first-year students can register for two classes outside TAS during the whole 4-semester period of your studies.

If you decide to register for an optional course outside TAS, please contact TAS Office and submit an official request for this course to be included in your program of studies (the form is available at TAS Office). Those who did not submit such a document for outside courses in the Winter Semester 2019/2020, please contact TAS Office.



As you might have noticed, the timetables for the Summer Semester 2019/2020 are already online and available on the TAS website. You can find them here along with the information concerning exams and electives outside TAS. Also, you have already been registered to the obligatory classes for the next semester, so you should be able to see the schedule at the USOSweb.


TAS Promotion & Application Process for the Class of 2022

We also wanted to inform you that we've started the application process for all those, who want to enroll in TransAtlantic Studies program, starting their studies in October 2020. This year, the application process is available via a new Online Application System called IRK at

If you have friends, who might be interested in studying at TransAtlantic Program, please, forward them to our website and the "Application Process" tab: We would be very happy if you could promote our program among friends! We encourage to spread the news especially among those friends who are already living in Kraków and are searching for an MA-level program to stay here longer.


Course Evaluation Surveys

We would also like to thank all those who took a minute a finished course evaluation surveys at the end of your obligatory courses. TAS team is constantly working towards making the TAS program better, so we value your input very much! There is also a possibility to finish a survey via USOSweb. To do so, go to the "Student's Section" tab, click the "Surveys" icon, and follow the instructions provided.


We hope you'll have a great finish of the exam session and then the Winter Break. You might've noticed Kraków is a little empty this and last week - it's because all schools in Lesser Poland Voivodeship have their Winter Break as well. They come back to schools next Monday. When it comes to Jagiellonian University, the next semester starts on February 24th. Until then, the TAS Office will be working in normal hours - 8:00 am to 3:00 pm if not stated otherwise.