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Message from TAS Coordinator

Dear Friends,

We are TransAtlantic Studies, commonly known as TAS.

Thank you very much for your interest in our program!

TAS was created in 2006, and ever since we have been committed to providing liberal arts education at the master's level. During the two years (four semesters) that you will spend in Kraków, we hope to give you an opportunity to learn about a variety of aspects of widely defined transatlantic relations. In an interdisciplinary manner, you will be discussing issues related to contemporary history, politics, society, culture, literature, and beyond. TAS mainly focuses on the United States and Europe, while also giving insights into a broader picture of the connections of those superpowers with the world.

What TAS is famous for is its homely atmosphere. The classes are small allowing our faculty to approach each of you individually. Our students and alumni come from all around the world, making the classes a multicultural forum for lively discussions conducted from a variety of perspectives. And our administrative staff does everything to make sure you feel good here.

The fact that TAS operates within the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora is our another great asset. The Institute has been recognized as the top Polish academic center offering education to students interested in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. All TAS courses, as well as classes offered by the Institute, are taught by faculty with years of experience of researching and teaching around the world, including American and British Professors.

Finally, by joining TAS, you will have an opportunity to study in Krakow. The city has been regularly called one of the top travel destinations by numerous media outlets. Full of tourist attractions, Krakow has also been famous for being a student’s city and Poland’s cultural center. The city is full of walking and biking paths, while several green areas can be found both in the city center and its major districts. And after 60-90 minutes of car travel, you will have a chance to visit several natural parks to hike, trail run, or otherwise connect with nature.

For those savvy in social media, feel free to visit our page on Facebook. We tend to publish information important to students there. From time to time, we also publish posts that can be classified as „life of TAS”, where you can get to know us from a more personal perspective. With our Instagram profile, in turn, we tell the story of TAS through photos of our community and places close to our hearts.

I am looking forward to welcoming you as TAS students and meeting you next October. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Maciej Turek
TransAtlantic Studies Program Coordinator.