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21st-Century Modernism: The "New" Poetics (Blackwell Manifestos)

Perloff, Marjorie [2002] 0010

Irony and the Poetry of the First World War

Puissant, Susanne Christine [2009] 0768

Against Interpretation: And Other Essays

Sontag, Susan [2001] 0119

The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century

Ross, Alex [2008] 1612

American Fiction Since 1940

Hilfer, Tony [1992] 0170

American Literature and Culture 1900-1960 (Blackwell Introductions to Literature)

McDonald, Gail [2006] 0181

A Companion to the Modern American Novel 1900 - 1950 (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture)

Matthews, John T. [2009] 0037

A Pinnacle of Feeling: American Literature and Presidential Government

McCann, Sean [2008] 0084

Between Fire and Sleep: Essays on Modern Polish Poetry and Prose

Anders, Jaroslaw [2009] 0254

Twentieth-Century American Poetry (Blackwell Guides to Literature)

MacGowan, Christopher J. [2004] 1770

A Companion to Twentieth-Century American Drama

Krasner, David, edited by [2007] 0040

Germany in Transit: Nation and Migration, 1955-2005 (Weimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism)

Göktürk, Deniz, edited by [2007] 0622

Greek Tragedy (Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World)

Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin [2008] 0652

Romantic Border Crossings (The Nineteenth Century Series)

Cass, Jeffrey, edited by [2008] 1138

A Concise Companion to American Fiction 1900 - 1950 (Concise Companions to Literature and Culture)

Stoneley, Peter, edited by [2008] 0041

The Oxford Handbook of British and Irish War Poetry

Kendall, Tim, edited by [2007] 1548

Reading the Global: Troubling Perspectives on Britain's Empire in Asia

Krishnan, Sanjay [2007] 1099

Frantic Panoramas: American Literature and Mass Culture, 1870-1920

Bentley, Nancy [2009] 0591

Vietnam War Stories: Innocence Lost

Herzog, Tobey C. [1992] 1808

Writing the Republic: Liberalism and Morality in American Political Fiction

Hutchison, Anthony [2007] 1891