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United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and Conflict

Dominguez, Jorge [2009] 0002

Developing countries

Thompson, William R. [2009] 0452

The Other Path. The Economic Answer to Terrorism

De Soto, Hernando [1989] 1543

Among Empires: American Ascendancy and Its Predecessors

Maier, Charles S. [2007] 0200

Tocqueville between Two Worlds: The Making of a Political and Theoretical Life

Wolin, Sheldon S. [2003] 1734

The American

James, Henry [1981] 1273

The Brazylian Sound. Samba, Bossa Nova and the Popular Music of Brazil

McGowan, Chris [1998] 1312

Romantic Border Crossings (The Nineteenth Century Series)

Cass, Jeffrey, edited by [2008] 1138

Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts. The American Military In the Air, at Sea, and on the Ground

Kaplan, Robert D. [2007] 0679

Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States of America and Europe: A Historical, Comparative, and Conceptual A

de Wit, Hans [2002] 0753

Hispanics in the American West

Iber, Jorge [2006] 0672

Reading the Global: Troubling Perspectives on Britain's Empire in Asia

Krishnan, Sanjay [2007] 1099

Justice as Prevention: Vetting Public Employees in Transitional Societies

Mayer-Rieckh, Alexander, edited by [2007] 0790

Mexico Under Zedillo

Kaufman Purcell, Susan [1998] 0888

Seducing the French: The Dilemma of Americanization

Kuisel, Richard F. [1997] 1159

Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis

Allison, Graham T. [1999] 0515

A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture

Castro-Klaren, Sara, edited by [2008] 0026

Latin America and Postmodernity: A Contemporary Reader

Lange-Churion, Pedro, edited by [2001] 0808

Second Chance. Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower

Brzezinski, Zbigniew [2007] 1153

Risk and the War on Terror

De Goede, Marieke, edited by [2008] 1130