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United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and Conflict

Dominguez, Jorge [2009] 0002

The Cuban Economy at the Start of the Twenty-First Century

Dominguez, Jorge, edited by [2005] 1359

Latinos in America

Gracia, Jorge J. E. [2008] 0819

Hispanics in the American West

Iber, Jorge [2006] 0672

A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture

Castro-Klaren, Sara, edited by [2008] 0026

Latin America and Postmodernity: A Contemporary Reader

Lange-Churion, Pedro, edited by [2001] 0808

Challenging Euro-America's Politics of Identity: The Return of the Native

Fernand, Andrade [2007] 0300

Environmental Problems in an Urbanizing World: Finding Solutions for Cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Hardoy, Jorge E. [2006] 0513