The list of books

Victims and Values: A History and a Theory of Suffering

Amato, Jospeh A. [1990]

Vietnam and the transformation of American life

Buzzanco, Robert [1999]

Vietnam War Stories: Innocence Lost

Herzog, Tobey C. [1992]

Vietnam: Explaining America's Lost War.

Hess, Gary R. [2008]

View with a Grain of Sand. Selected Poems

Szymborska, Wisława [1993]

Violence in War and Peace: An Anthology

Scheper-Hughes, Nancy, edited by [2003]

Virtual Americas: Transnational Fictions and the Transatlantic Imaginary (New Americanists)

Giles, Paul [2002]

Virtual War. Kosovo and beyond

Ignatieff, Michael [2001]

Visions of America and Europe. September 11, Iraq, and Transatlantic Relations

Balis, Christina V. [2006]

Wajda on Film: A Master's Notes

Wajda, Andrzej [1991]

Walking Ghosts

Dudley, Steven [2006]

Wall Street: America's Dream Palace

Fraser, Steve [2008]

Wall Street: America's Dream Palace.

Fraser, Steve [2009]

War and Change in World Politics

Gilpin, Robert [1983]

War and Cinema: The Logistics of Perception.

Camiller, Patrick [2009]

War and Human Nature

Rosen, Stephen Peter [2007]

War and Peace in the Ancient World (Ancient World: Comparative Histories)

Raaflaub, Kurt A., edited by [2006]

War and Reason: Domestic and International Imperatives

Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce [1994]

War and Society in Renaissance Europe 1450-1620

Hale, John R. [1998]

War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation's Veterans from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tick, Edward [2005]

War as Risk Management: Strategy and Conflict in an Age of Globalised Risks

Heng, Yee-Kuang [2006]

War Bots: How U.S. Military Robots Are Transforming War In Iraq, Afghanistan, And The Future.

Axe, David [2008]

War Dog. Fighting Other People's Wars

Venter, Al J. [2006]

War in a Time of Peace. Bush, Clinton, and the Generals

Halberstam, David [2002]

War in an Age of Risk.

Coker, Christopher [2009]

War in Human Civilization

Gat, Azar [2006]

War in Late Antiquity

Lee, A. D. [2007]

War in the Age of Intelligent Machines

De Landa, Manuel [1991]

War in the Nineteenth Century: 1800-1914

Black, Jeremy [2009]

War Made New

Boot, Max [2006]