The list of books

American Cinema of the 1980s: Themes and Variations

Prince, Stephen, edited by [2007]

American Cinema of the 1990s: Themes and Variations

Holmlund, Chris [2008]

American Cinema/American Culture

Belton, John [2009]

American Cinema/American Culture

Belton, John [2008]

American Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Stewart, Edward C. [1991]

American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture

Campbell, Kean [2006]

American Culture in the 1950s

Halliwell, Martin [2007]

American Culture in the 1990s

Harrison, Colin [2010]

American Culture, American Tastes: Social Change and the Twentieth Century

Kammen, Michael [2000]

American Diplomacy (Walgreen Foundation Lectures)

Kennan, George F. [1985]

American Drama 1945 - 2000: An Introduction

Krasner, David [2006]

American Empire. The Realities&Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy

Bacevich, Andrew J. [2002]

American Environmental History

Warren, Louis S., edited by [2003]

American Exceptionalism and US Foreign Policy

McEvoy-Levy, Siobhan [2001]

American Exceptionalism. A Double-Edged Sword

Lipset, Seymour Martin [1996]

American Families: A Multicultural Reader, Second Edition

Coontz, Stephan [2008]

American Fear: The Causes and Consequences of High Anxiety

Stearns, Peter N. [2006]

American Fiction 1865-1940

Lee, Brian [1993]

American Fiction Since 1940

Hilfer, Tony [1992]

American Foreign Policy and Process

McCormick, James M. [1992]

American Foreign Policy in a New Era

Jervis, Robert [2005]

American Foreign Policy Since The Vietnam War: The Search For Consensus From Richard Nixon To George W. Bush

Melanson, Richard A. [2005]

American Foreign Policy since World War II

Hook, Steven W. [2007]

American Foreign Policy. The Dynamics of choice in the 21st Century

Jentleson, Bruce W. [2007]

American Foreign Policy: Pattern and Process

Wittkopf, Eugene R. [2007]

American Foreign Policy: Theoretical Essays, 4 ed.

Ilgen, Thomas L. [2002]

American Icons: The Genesis of a National Visual Language

Feldges, Benedikt [2007]

American Identities: An Introductory Textbook

Rudnick, Lois P., edited by [2006]

American Judaism: A History

Sarna, Jonathan D. [2004]

American Literature and Culture 1900-1960 (Blackwell Introductions to Literature)

McDonald, Gail [2006]