The list of books

Transatlantic literary studies : a reader

Manning, Susan, edited by [2007]

Transatlantic Manners. Social patterns in nineteenth-century Anglo-American travel literature

Mulvey, Christopher [1990]

Transatlantic patterns.

Green, Martin []

Transatlantic Policymaking in an Age of Austerity. Diversity and Drift

Levin, Martin A. [2004]

Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms

Collier, Patrick C., edited by [2008]

Transatlantic Relations and Global Governance

Mottola, Kari [2006]

Transatlantic Stage Stars in Vaudeville and Variety: Celebrity Turns

Woods, Leigh [2006]

Transatlantic Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe and European Culture

Meer, Sarah, edited by [2006]

Transatlantic Studies

Kaufman, Will [2000]

TransAtlantic Tensions. The United States, Europe, and Problem Countries

Haass, Richard N. [1999]

TransAtlantic Tensions. The United States, Europe, and Problem Countries

Haass, Richard N. [1999]

Transatlatic Economic Disputes. The EU, the US, and the WTO

Petersmann, Ernst-Ulrich [2005]

Transatlntic Relations and European Integration. Realities and Dilemmas

Voskopoulos, George [2006]

Transforming America: Politics and Culture During the Reagan Years

Collins, Robert M. [2006]

Transforming Technology: A Critical Theory Revisited.

Freenberg, Andrew [2002]

Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

Pegg, Scott, edited by [2003]

Transnational Crime in the Americas

Farer, Tom [1999]

Transnational Families, Migration and Gender: Moroccan and Filipino Women in Bologna and Barcelona.

Zontini, Elisabetta [2010]

Transnational Nation: United States History in Global Perspective since 1789

Tyrrell, Ian R. [2007]

Transnational Tortillas: Race, Gender, and Shop-floor Politics in Mexico and the United States

Bank-Munoz, Carolina [2008]

Trauma, Postmodernism and the Aftermath of World War II

Crosthwaite, Paul [2009]

Turbulence in World Politics

Rosenau, James N. [1990]

Turks in Europe, 1957-2007: From Guest Worker to Transnational Citizen.

Abadan-Unat, Nermin [2009]

Turning Points: Making Decisions in American History

Burner, David, edited by [1999]

Twentieth-Century American Poetry (Blackwell Guides to Literature)

MacGowan, Christopher J. [2004]

Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation

Addario, Lynsey [2003]

Twilight of the West

Coker, Christopher [1998]

U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1994: Conflict of Interests

Thomson, Alex [2008]

U.S. National Security: A Reference Handbook.

Watson, Cynthia A. [2008]

U.S. Presidents and Latin American Interventions: Pursuing Regime Change in the Cold War

Grow, Michael [2008]