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Victims and Values: A History and a Theory of Suffering

Amato, Jospeh A.

Additional information: This book conducts a timely inquiry into contemporary conscience and politics. It examines fundamental ambiguities, dichotomies, and contradictions that we experience about the worth of our own suffering and the suffering of others. In particular, it analyzes how victims make a powerful claim upon contemporary conscience and public debate. Amato focuses his work on empathy and reason, hoping that each person will be able to take some of the suffering of others and still remain able to relate to his to own suffering instead of giving in to resignation or despair.

Classmarks: 5721

Subjects: Suffering 

ISBN: 02-7593-6902

Description: 272 p.

Publication date: 1990

Publisher: New York: Praeger Paperback

Order number: 1806