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War in a Time of Peace. Bush, Clinton, and the Generals

Halberstam, David

Additional information: In ''War in a Time of Peace,'' David Halberstam carves out an ambitious agenda: to describe how former President Bill Clinton and, to a lesser extent, the first President George Bush dealt with the foreign policy challenges of the 1990's. Halberstam's central thesis is damning. In an era when Americans were feeling fat and happy at home, he says, the United States at the zenith of its power was reluctant to commit itself abroad. Halberstam shrewdly writes that for Clinton, the brilliant politician with his finger always on the people's pulse, foreign policy was ''an inconvenience, something that might pull him away from his primary job at hand -- domestic issues, above all the economy.''

Classmarks: 4484

Subjects: United States – Foreign relations – 1989-  United States-Politics and government-1989-  Bush  George  1924  Clinton  Bill  1946  United States-Military policy  Intervention (international law)  Vietnamese Conflict  1961-1975 

ISBN: 0-7432-2323-3

Description: 557 pages

Publication date: 2002

Publisher: New York-London: Simon & Schluster

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