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Walking Ghosts

Dudley, Steven

Additional information: Dudley has written for many national periodicals, and his dispatches from Colombia have been heard on National Public Radio. His five years in that war-, drug-, and assassin-torn country are fodder for this extremely revealing volume of reportage. Infinite patience and concentration will be needed to navigate the author's encyclopedic exposition. Careful readers, though, are rewarded with a cast of characters so colorful that if the venue were shifted to the U.S., they could only reside in New Orleans. A country with one-seventh the population of the U.S. experiences some 30,000 murders per year, 75 political assassinations per week, and 10 kidnappings per day. (Kidnapping in order to elicit funding for political fronts has been perfected to a high art.) So deadly are the country's politics that the author had to flee the country and still fears for his life. But he was impelled to chronicle the story anyway in this thrilling and informative read. Includes impromptu photographs that assist in humanizing the myriad rebels, guerrillas, drug kingpins, and politicians who populate this quagmire.

Classmarks: 4907

Subjects: Colombia 

ISBN: 0-415-93304-8

Description: 257 P.

Publication date: 2006

Publisher: New York: Routledge

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