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Autobiography, Volume II 1937-1960, Exile's Odyssey

Eliade, Mircea

Additional information: Here finally are Eliade's memoirs of the first thirty years of his life in Mac Linscott Rickett's crisp and lucid English translation. They present a fascinating account of the early development of a Renaissance talent, expressed in everything from daily and periodical journalism, realistic and fantastic fiction, and general nonfiction works to distinguished contributions to the history of religions. Autobiography follows an apparently amazingly candid report of this remarkable man's progression from a mischievous street urchin and literary prodigy, through his various love affairs, a decisive and traumatic Indian sojourn, and active, brilliant participation in pre-World War II Romanian cultural life

Classmarks: 4830

Subjects: United States - Religion historians -- Biography 

ISBN: 978-0226204-116

Description: 224 p.

Publication date: 1988

Publisher: London: The university of Chicago Press

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