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2030:technology that will change the world,

van Santen, Rutger Khoe, Djan Vermeer, Bram

Additional information: Imagine living in 1958, and knowing that the integrated circuit--the microchip--was about to be invented, and would revolutionize the world. Or imagine 1992, when the Internet was about to transform virtually every aspect of our lives. Incredibly, this book argues that we stand at such a moment right now--and not just in one field, but in many. In 2030, authors Rutger van Santen, Djan Khoe, and Bram Vermeer interview over two dozen scientific and technological experts on themes of health, sustainability and communication, asking them to look forward to the year 2030 and comment on the kind of research that will play a necessary role. If we know what technology will be imperative in 2030, the authors reason, what can we do now to influence future breakthroughs?

Classmarks: 7130

Subjects: Technology 

ISBN: 978-0195377170

Description: 304 p.

Publication date: 2010

Publisher: United States: Oxford University Press

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