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War and Peace in the Ancient World (Ancient World: Comparative Histories)

Raaflaub, Kurt A., edited by

Additional information: This book is the first to focus on war and peace in the ancient world from a global perspective. * The first book to focus on war and peace in the ancient world * Takes a global perspective, covering a large number of early civilizations, from China, India and West Asia, through the Mediterranean to the Americas * Features contributions from nineteen distinguished scholars, all of whom are experts in their fields * Offers remarkable insights into the different ways in which ancient societies dealt with a common human challenge * Requires no prior historical knowledge, making it suitable for non-specialists

Classmarks: 6716

Subjects: Military history  Ancient 

ISBN: 9781405145268

Description: 400 p.

Publication date: 2006

Publisher: Malden: Wiley-Blackwell

Order number: 1822