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A Companion to Europe Since 1945 (Blackwell Companions to European History)

Larres, Klaus

Additional information: This collection of newly-commissioned essays by leading scholars provides a stimulating guide to some of the most important developments which have influenced the political, economic, social, and cultural character of Europe since the end of the Second World War. A Companion to Europe since 1945 offers a reflective analysis of the developments which took place in Europe during the Cold War era and also considers present-day Europe, as it has taken shape since the end of the Cold War. In each chapter, experts introduce the reader to crucial aspects of the topics under discussion and guide them through the rich literature and lively scholarly debates. Taken together the 22 chapters provide a comprehensive picture of the developments which have shaped Europe in the aftermath of both the Second World War and the Cold War. A Companion to Europe since 1945 is an invaluable aid to all those interested in understanding the debates and issues surrounding Europe's most recent past.

Classmarks: 6501

Subjects: Cold War  Europe-History-1945- 

ISBN: 9781405106122

Description: 536 p.

Publication date: 2009

Publisher: Malden: Wiley-Blackwell

Order number: 0024