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A Companion to American Foreign Relations (Blackwell Companions to American History)

Schulzinger, Robert D.

Additional information: A Companion to American Foreign Relations is an authoritative volume of historiographical essays that survey the state of U.S. diplomatic history. The essays cover the entire range of the history of American foreign relations from the colonial period to the present. They discuss the major sources and analyze the most influential books and articles in the field. The contributors -- eminent scholars and experts in their subject matter--delve deeply into the literature and integrate discussions of new methodological approaches with more traditional diplomatic history. Each essay concludes with prospects for future work in the field. For the student, scholar, and those interested in the history of American foreign relations, this is an invaluable reference work.

Classmarks: 6498

Subjects: United States-Foreign relations  United States--Foreign relations--Historiography 

ISBN: 9781405149860

Description: 576 p.

Publication date: 2006

Publisher: Malden: Wiley-Blackwell

Order number: 0018