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United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and Conflict

Dominguez, Jorge Fernández de Castro, Rafael

Additional information: By sharing one of the longest land borders in the world, the United States and Mexico will always have a special relationship. In the early twenty-first century, they are as important to one another as ever before with a vital trade partnership and often-tense migration positions. The ideal introduction to U.S.-Mexican relations, this book moves from conflicts all through the nineteenth century up to contemporary democratic elections in Mexico. Domínguez and Fernández de Castro deftly trace the path of the relationship between these North American neighbors from bloody conflict to (wary) partnership. By covering immigration, drug trafficking, NAFTA, democracy, environmental problems, and economic instability, the second edition of The United States and Mexico provides a thorough look back and an informed vision of the future.

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Subjects: United States-Relations-Mexico  Mexico--Foreign relations--United States 

ISBN: 978-0415992190

Description: 238 p.

Publication date: 2009

Publisher: New York: Routledge

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