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War as Risk Management: Strategy and Conflict in an Age of Globalised Risks

Heng, Yee-Kuang

Additional information: This major new study shows how war can be thought of in terms of proactive risk management rather than in terms of conventional threat response. It addresses why the study of ‘risk management' has helped fields such as sociology and criminology conceptualize new policy challenges but has made limited impact on Strategic Studies with new case studies of recent Anglo-American military campaigns in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. The author shows how ‘risk' is now a key defining feature of our globalized era, encompassing issues from global financial meltdown, terrorism, infectious diseases, to environmental degradation and how its vocabulary, such as the Precautionary Principle, now permeates the way we think about war, and how it now appears in US and UK defence policy documents, and speeches from both civilian and military staff.

Classmarks: 6213

Subjects: Premptive attack (Military strategy)  Security  International  War-Moral and ethical aspects  Risk management  War on Terrorism  2001-  Globalization  Europe-Military policy  United States-Military policy 

ISBN: 04-1554-4998

Description: 224 p.

Publication date: 2006

Publisher: New York: Routledge

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