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Entry Requirements

Main Requirements

The main requirements for the studies include:

  • Having an undergraduate degree (BA-level)
  • Proving a proficiency in the English language
  • Submitting a letter of application

Applicants are expected to have earned an undergraduate degree before entering the program. This entails a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent) in social sciences, cultural studies, political science, international relations or sociology. However, it is not obligatory to have a degree in exactly one of these fields. The candidates, who have a BA-level degree outside those mentioned, will be asked to display some evidence that they can complete the program successfully, emphasized in the application letter.

The final results are calculated on the basis of the evaluation of a letter written in English, highlighting motivation for undertaking the TransAtlantic program.

Language Requirements

All courses are conducted in English. No prior knowledge of the Polish language is necessary to attend the program. However, there is a need to demonstrate competence in the English language, which would enable proper participation in the studies and their completion.

If English is not your mother tongue, but your previous program of studies was conducted in English, this might be sufficient proof of your English proficiency. In this case, please get in touch with us.

The program requires minimum proficiency levels: